Xonotic.nxart.ru Add to favorites: xonotic.nxart.ru:26000

What is Xonotic?


Xonotic are free 3d shooter FPS game. Yes, all for free. Game absolutly free.
Xonotic perfectly run on new and old PCs, Linux, MAC

Download Xonotic for Windows, Linux, Mac: Xonotic. Just unarchive to folder.

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        	How to start:
        	1. Download Xonotic
        	2. Unarchive Xonotic to any folder
        	3. Run Xonotic
        	4. Select Multiplayer
        	5. type xonotic.nxart.ru:26000 
        	6. click add to Favorites
        	7. click xonotic.nxart.ru:26000 up in server list
        	8. click Join
        	9. Enjoy!